the end (end) of an era

Okay now I’m really leaving. I thought the last post was going to be my last but it turns out it wasn’t. I’m most likely not going to continue on, but you never know. Maybe in the distant future I’ll post, but for now, I’m going to enjoy my summer. Anyway thanks so much to […]

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the end of an era

Hello again! This is quite possibly the last post I will ever make on this blog, but who knows? Maybe I’ll continue on. If this is my last post, however, I will close with a brief reflection on these past 5 months. I have been writing avidly since I was eleven years old and had […]

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Detective Eggsby Quin Screenplay

Hello! I collaborated with my friends vice and virtue to finish our final unit in Creative Writing: screenplays. Together, we compiled our favorite ideas and stories throughout the year to make (what we thought) an epic story of our favorite detective (don’t forget trusty sidekick Chocheski) and a naive monarch with questionable morals. This screenplay […]

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Detective Eggsby Quin

Detective Eggsby Quin is a masterful genius, but as he stood in front of the burned down motel, not even his quick brain could work out the clever trick before him. “Chocheski, tell me again,” he said, eyes not moving from the ashen sight. “Well, was ‘bout twenny minutes ago the fire started, an’ the […]

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“How are you feeling?” asked a blonde woman with thick glasses. “What?” I said, looking up at her. We’d been sitting there in silence for quite some time and I had forgotten she was even there. “Oh, fine. Yeah, no, everything’s fine.” I nodded reassuringly and drummed my fingers on the arms of the cushioned […]

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From Fire

I was born only minutes ago, sprouting from a near-sighted traveler. So little was I, nested cozily in my podium of wax. I never wanted to bring on the destruction though, I can promise you that. Creator had set me down on a table, but my wax bed was unstable and toppled to the ground. […]

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This is the End

Years ago, I met a man. He was the answer to all of my Wonderings. And yet I still don’t remember his Name. I had sat in a small tavern In New Orleans Smoke curling its way through the room And he told me to take a closed fan And simply Balance it on my […]

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welcome to Wonderland

Oh, look at this life, a lovely roller coaster Appreciate the beauty of puffing factory dust And look at the man, a generous chain-smoker Ah, and the class of human distrust And the way life seems to wilt in our hand I implore you don’t look upon this world with disgust People, oh people, this […]

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